Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pomodori's Pizzeria

Since I enjoyed Pomodori's the first time around, I thought it would be a good place to start off.  Guillaume and Maud had not yet moved to Cincinnati so it was just Tricia, Ken, Jay and myself.  Pomodori's specializes in wood-fired ovens.

We ate at Pomodori's, which is a casual dining experience.  It's a nice restaurant that features their wood-fired oven prominently.  As Ken noted, they have really nice copper topped tables (though he didn't like the chairs).

Their pizza's come with a spicy sauce (so not the traditional Cincinnati sweet pizza sauce).  They apply the sauce very lightly, which Tricia also noted had a nice garlic touch.  Both Jay, Tricia, and I really liked the artichoke toppings and I noted that the figs were also very good as a topping.  Tricia liked the look and taste of the crust.  You can have a look at them yourself:

The standard pepperoni 

Artichoke topped pizza

Fig & Prosciutto Specialty Pizza

Since the Cincinnati Pizza Quest has already been here once, I've included both the numbers from this trip and our last visit.

Category Old Score (March 2010) New Score (13 September 2011)
Appearance 4.17 4.00
Aroma 4.00 2.50
Overall Taste 4.33 3.55
Crust 4.25 3.85
Cheese 3.83 3.475
Toppings 4.33 3.70
Sauce 4.50 3.10
Pepperoni Overall 4.17 3.75
Specialty Pizza 4.25 3.675
X-Factor 3.67 3.00

You can see that this time around, the scores were a lower in general.  I'll reserve commenting on that until we get a chance to compare more places to just see if the new team tends to rate lower. However, we can look at how I rated it this time versus last.

Category Kevin's Old Score (March 2010) Kevin's New Score (13 September 2011)
Appearance 4.0 4.0
Overall Taste Didn't rate... 4.0
Crust 4.5 4.0
Cheese 3.5 4.0
Toppings 4.0 4.5
Sauce 4.0 3.5
Pepperoni Overall 4.0 4.0
Specialty Pizza 3.5 4.5
X-Factor 4.0 4.0

So while some of the numbers changed, there weren't any big swings, except for the Specialty Pizza.  However, the first time around we had a bunch of mushrooms on the pizzas, which I don't like.  So that may explain it.

Overall, I'm going to say what we said last time.  Pomodori's makes a good pizza and is definitely worth a visit!

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We're back, sort of...

It's been a long long time, but the posts should finally start rolling again. A quick explanatory post since it's been so long and we've also had some changes. First the reason for the delay, two-thirds of your pizza tasting team had the fortunate opportunity to move onto green pastures in Seattle last spring.  So I was left all alone for a bit of time.

However, reinforcements arrived last fall.  Starting last September, a new team joined up with Kevin to restart the Cincinnati Pizza Quest.  Introducing your new questers:

Tricia - Kevin's lovely wife
Guillaume and Maud - our French connoisseurs!
Ken - our beer expert and brewmaster
Jay - the resident golfing expert and master brewer with Ken

We'll be changing up the posting a bit so you can get a flavor of each of us.  Whoever hosts for the week will also be writing the blog post.  Since it's now April and we started back up last September I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get some posts up quickly.

Now back to the pizza!