Monday, January 7, 2013

Strong's Brick Oven Pizza

We all gathered one last time in 2012, sans a few lost to the dark abyss of lab experiments. Pizza was delivered to our downtown apartment from Strong's Brick Oven Pizza, who boasts a pizza voted #1 in America during the early years of 1994-1995.

Curious, we decided to give it a shot and check out this seemingly tasty creation called the Pizza Alla Vodka, along with the pepperoni control (which, by the way will transform to sausage starting in 2013) and a traditional meat pizza.
While not many commented on the more prevalent pepperoni and meat pizza combo, the vodka sauce on the pizza was highly rated, along with the crust that seemed to be the perfect blend between thickness, texture, and taste. Besides the vodka sauce pizza, the other sauces and combinations seemed lackluster, although the crust managed to carry each overall pizza taste.

To top off the meal, we elected to indulge in their pumpkin desert pizza special, which was incredibly tasty and received a multitude of praises from a few of the clubbers as well. Together with delectable holiday Ghirardelli chocolate squares Maud brought along, suffice to say, it was an enjoyable pizza experience -- 2013 pizza here we come!

Taste (Overall)4.113
Pepperoni Pizza (Overall)3.263
Specialty Pizza4.348