Monday, March 15, 2010

ZZ's Pizza Company

Well, the rotation is back to Nik and his second choice and our fourth stop in our quest for the best pizza in Cincinnati is ZZ's Pizza Company. ZZ's Pizza Company originally opened in 1986, but then closed for some time and has recently re-opened again. They have a specialty pizza of the day as well as daily homemade desserts. They also have different crust choices, so Nik went with the sourdough for the pepperoni pizza and whole wheat for the Mediterranean pizza he chose as the specialty pizza. In our increasing state of hunger, we forgot to take pictures again, but promise to remember during the second round! So here's how ZZ's stacked up:

(1-5 scale, 1=worst, 5=best)
Appearance (overall): 4.00
Aroma (overall): 4.25
Taste (overall): 4.08
Crust - 3.83
Cheese - 3.33
Toppings - 4.00
Sauce - 4.17

Pepperoni Pizza (overall): 4.00
Specialty Pizza & Menu Options: 3.83
X-factor: 4.5

ZZ's Pizza Company quickly won over the heart of Nik. Nik walked out of the restaurant with his 2 pizzas and with a bag that he thought contained the 2 pieces of homemade pie he was looking forward to just as much as the pizza. Once in his car and in the process of pulling out of the parking lot, one of the employees came running out of the restaurant with an identical looking bag and caught Nik just in time to let him know that he accidentally grabbed someones salad instead of the desserts.

Not only did ZZ's have great customer service, they also had great pizza. Kevin thought that the specialty pizza looked great and that the sauce was the highlight for ZZ's pizzas. Kevin thought, however, that the crust wasn't quite as crisp as it could be and that the menu didn't offer too many choices other than pizza (but there are lots of good pizza choices though). I also agreed with Kevin that the sauce was the highlight - it was very flavorful, with lots of herbs, and that there wasn't many exciting menu options besides the pizzas and desserts.

For dessert, Nik chose the banana cream pie and the butterscotch pie. Both were excellent and I really look forward to the second, quality checking round for some more delicious, homemade desserts!

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