Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dewey's Pizza

Well, Dewey's Pizza was my second choice for our sixth stop on our quest for the best pizza in Cincinnati. Dewey's is also right down the street from our house, but in the opposite direction from Mio's. I've actually been to Dewey's quite a bit since it's a favorite in the office (it's a small chain and has a location near work). On top of good pizza, Dewey's has really good salads. The salad I chose (which I didn't think to take a picture of) was the seasonal "harvest" salad: field greens and romaine lettuce with figs, toasted pumpkin seeds, boursin cheese and apple wood smoked bacon (which I got on the side), with homemade apple cider honey vinaigrette.

The pizzas included a regular pepperoni pizza (one of their specialty pizzas is an "X-Pepperoni pizza which has (can you guess?) extra pepperoni) and their "Billy Goat" pizza, as pictured below (sorry about the not-so-great lighting, but you can still see how delicious the crust looks).

So here's how Dewey's compared:

(1-5 scale, 1=worst, 5=best)
Appearance (overall): 4.00
Aroma (overall): 4.50
Taste (overall): 4.17
Crust - 4.08
Cheese - 4.08
Toppings - 4.17
Sauce - 3.92
Pepperoni Pizza (overall): 4.00
Specialty Pizza & Menu Options: 4.33
X-factor: 4.00

Overall, we all pretty much only had positive comments. Kevin thought the salad was good (I, of course, thought it was great) and liked the fluffy edge of the crust. I also liked thought it was a great crust with a nice hint of garlic flavor. Nik thought that the crust was on the doughy side and would make a great breadstick. Kevin liked the spiceness of the pepperoni pizza and I really liked the variety of good cheese options for the pizzas. Part of the reason Dewey's Pizza scored a good "X-factor" rating is because they always offer plates and napkins when you pick your food up. Granted, disposable plates and napkins aren't very environmentally friendly, but it's the thought that counts!

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