Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Inaugural Blog!

Well, we're three weeks in to our Cincinnati Pizza tour and I've decided it's about time to write this inaugural blog (hopefully Kevin and Nik will follow suit!). Kevin, Nik, and I get together on Thursday night's to watch the NBC line-up and about a month ago Kevin had the brilliant idea of making it into a pizza night. Considering that we're all "scientists", we decided to nerd it up and try to find the best pizza in Cincinnati.

I created multiple spreadsheets, as I often do, and the quest began on January 28th with Hyde Park Pizzeria. A pepperoni pizza will be the standard ordered from each pizza joint, and whoever is doing the ordering that week gets to pick out the second pizza. (Yes, I'm pretending that all pepperoni's are made from locally, humanely raised animals....) We worked out a few kinks in the spreadsheet I designed and added/deleted some of the evaluation categories to end up with the following:

(On a 1-5 scale, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best)

Appearance (overall)
Smell (overall)

Pepperoni Pizza (overall)
Specialty Pizza/Overall Menu Options

We have 21 pizza places slated so far to try, including the national chains (Domino's, Papa Johns, etc). So, I hope you enjoy joining us for our quest for the best pizza in Cincinnati!



  1. You need a sidebar listing your top ten

    I recommend a road trip to Kettering for Troni's

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! The sidebar of the top 10 is a great idea.