Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adriatico's Pizza

For Kevin's third go-around, he chose Adriatico's, a University of Cincinnati staple that has a huge pizza called "The Bearcat" (UC's mascot). Kevin got the bearcat with 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 tomato & banana pepper.

Here's how Adriatico's stacked up again the rest of the competition:

(1-5 scale, 1=worst, 5=best)

Appearance (overall): 4.00
Aroma (overall): 4.13
Taste (overall): 3.92
Crust - 4.00
Cheese - 3.67
Toppings - 4.00
Sauce - 3.75
Pepperoni Pizza (overall): 3.92
Specialty Pizza & Menu Options: 3.75
X-factor: 3.17

Nik's only comments on this pizza were "Roar!" with a drawing of a paw print (which, now that I think about it, I should have scanned and included a picture of, but it's too late now). Kevin and I, however, did actually write down some of our observations. The pizza is HUGE and I gave them an extra 0.25 in the "Specialty Pizza & Menu Options" category for having breadsticks, even though we didn't actually try them, I guess I was feeling generous since I do really enjoy breadsticks. When it came to the pizza, Kevin liked the thick crust and we all thought that the sauce had a nice bit of spicyness to it. The slices were square and on the pepperoni half, there was only one pepperoni per slice; Kevin would have liked more than one pepperoni per slice (which I wouldn't have minded too). My biggest complaint, though, was that the oregano/dried herb mixture that was sprinkled on top of the pizza was way too overpowering.

Overall, I can see why this is a UC staple - you can get a HUGE pizza for not too much money that is super filling because of it's thick crust. It's not our favorite of the ones we have tried, but I think we can all appreciate the niche it has in the world of pizza.

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  2. Just subscribed to your blog because we too are on a quest for the best (non-chain) pizza in Cincy!

    You have to try Mac's in Clifton. It is the best I have tried so far!

  3. Glad you're reading and thanks for the suggestions! I have quite a few posts to catch up on, but Mac's is up on the list soon and I'll definitely add Noce's to the list. Thanks!