Friday, May 14, 2010

Dove Vivi (Portland, OR)

I know this is a blog about pizza in Cincinnati, but when Nik and I were in Portland, Oregon at the end of March, we went to an amazing pizza place our last night there that I had to write about. Before getting pizza at Dove Vivi, we stopped by Spints for some really good cocktails (their food menu looked awesome too). Then we headed over to Dove Vivi, where they have a cornmeal based crust that is unlike anything I have ever had before and is simply amazing. They're also deep-dish style and incredibly filling. We were with 2 other couples, and luckily they let you order pizzas by the half, so each couple order a 2 halves, so we had 6 halves. Nik and I also started with their beet salad, and some of our friends got their pickled carrot salad - both were delicious. I can't remember all of the pizzas we ordered, but I know some of them included the corn, pesto, and daily special pizzas. We didn't remember to take a picture until the end, but you can't eat much more than 1 piece, so there was still plenty to take pictures of :)

This was Scott & Annies - 1/2 pesto and 1/2 pepperoni (I think)

This was Lauren & Adam's - 1/2 corn & 1/2 quatro fromaggio

This was mine and Nik's - we got both of the specials (Nik's half had house-made sausage and pickled red cabbage I think, and mine had tomatoes, mushrooms, and blue cheese)

It was amazing, if you're ever in Portland, try it!

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