Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angilo's Pizza, Norwood

We picked up pizzas at Angilo's in Norwood near to our place (where we ate). So, the transportation time was short, one day or another we will probably discuss how the transportation time affects pizza tasting. I think none of us really liked the crust, which was "foamy" as Jay described it. Overall the BBQ topping was the most appreciated, although I did not personally like it. I should explain that at this time, back in October, I was not a big fan of BBQ sauce in general, I used to find it too sweet, but my tastes are evolving as I spend more time in the USA...     

Here are our average ratings:

Appearance 3,1
Aroma 2,8
Taste (Overall) 2,9
Crust 2,1
Cheese 3,1
Toppings 3,0
Sauce 2,5

1 comment:

  1. A sign of our French friends joining the pizza quest... they use commas instead of decimal points! Thanks for the write-up!