Monday, May 14, 2012

Aponte's Pizza 9/27/11

Way back in September, we had pizza from Aponte's in Mason.  I (Tricia) work in Mason, so it's an easy way to branch out and try some of the pizza places a little further away. Aponte's specializes in New Jersey style pizza, which Jay called wannabe New York style.  The restaurant area looked nice inside and the story of the restaurant on the menu was very interesting. 

The ratings for the pizza came out ok.  No one seemed too impressed.  Kevin thought the sauce was a little bland while Jay liked the crust and everyone loved the bacon (who doesn't love bacon, right?).  At this point, I would share pictures, but unfortunately I can't find any.  Since it was early on, it's very likely we didn't take pictures.  =)

Here's the actual ratings for the week:

Appearance 3.27
Aroma 2.70
Taste (Overall) 2.92
Crust 2.63
Cheese 3.50
Toppings 3.27
Sauce 2.30
Pepperoni Pizza (Overall) 2.77
Specialty Pizza 3.27
X-factor 2.97
Menu 3.50

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