Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jean Paul's Paradiso

I love me some Jean Paul's Paradiso. So it was a no brainer for me to pick when I was up for pizza tonight. Jean Paul's is a bakery/pizza place. I've only had things from the pizza side, so I can't comment on the bakery side except that I know of folks that love buying their goods at the Hyde Park Farmer's Market.

Let's start by taking a look at the pizzas, because as Dan commented, these are "beautiful pizzas". Dan's the blog photographer, so I'll defer to his judgement.

Sausage and Cheese Pizza

Sicilian, don't let the picture mislead you, there is a LOT of meat on this pizza!

Blackened Chicken & Alfredo Pizza, it's hard to see, but
there is a large slice of chicken breast on every slice.

Grecian Pizza (sans red union)
The pizza's to me tasted as good or better than they looked. The helpings of cheese on each pizza is VERY generous. I'm personally a big fan of lots of cheese on my pizzas. So this was ideal for me. You can also see that each pizza comes with a generous edge of crust, but do note that these are thin crust pizzas otherwise. It makes for a very nice combination and good crust was the second most commented item on everyone's survey forms.

That brings us to the most commented item about the pizza.  It is VERY VERY GREASY! I think this is a result of the very generous helpings of cheese. No one complained that it was a 'gross' greasy, but it definitely caused us all to use more than one napkin. As the pizza aged, the grease soaked into the crust making it even floppier. This made it difficult to eat some of the later slices. That being said, please don't let this stop you from trying the pizza. It's worth the grease!

The last thing I want to mention about the Jean Paul's is that Jani, who was making the pizzas, said that she had a surprise for me when I walked in. At first I was worried. I thought that perhaps one of the pizzas was done wrong. I couldn't have been any further from the truth. It turns out that Jani made us a free dessert pizza! See the picture below, which does not do it justice.

What's this??? A free dessert pizza??? Mmmmm...
What was on this pizza? Well, why don't I let Jani tell you. Just read the top of the pizza box it came in:
The free dessert pizza even came with a nice note!
The dessert pizza was served warm and was delectable. There was some debate about the crust though. It was the same crust as on the pizza. A few folks said they wished that it was more of a traditional pie crust rather than a pizza crust. To me though, that would have changed this from being a dessert pizza to a fruit pie of some sort. I'm in the camp that it was great the way it was. I should note that even the folks that wanted a different crust said that they still really liked the dessert pizza. If I were you, I'd put an order in for it when you visit Jean Paul's.

We'll wrap this up with the numeric rankings.

Taste (Overall)4.130
Sausage Pizza (Overall)3.483
Specialty Pizza4.108

Now go enjoy yourself a Jean Paul Paradiso's pizza! You won't be disappointed!

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